Travel Restrictions While On Bail

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Unless a judge explicitly bans a defendant from traveling while they are out on bail, the defendant can technically take a trip if he or she wishes to. But, this does not get them off the hook of having to show up for their court dates. The defendant must still make all court appearances, so his or her travel plans will have to come secondary to their trial.

A court will take away a defendant’s travel rights if they are considered to be a flight risk, meaning they’d flee the area to avoid going to court and avoid going to prison. Travel restrictions may also vary in where and how far they may go. One guy may only be allowed to be within his city’s limits. Another guy may be allowed to travel within the state, but not out of it. A gal may be allowed to be California, Arizona, and Nevada, but no other states.

A defendant must be on very good behavior when traveling while out on bail because you can be sure that the police are watching. As always, just be smart about it, and make it back on time for your next court date.

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Again, travel allowance is not up to your Glendale Bail Bond Store agent, only the court. But, we definitely can bail you out of jail.