This Is What You Need To Do If You’re Ever Pulled Over

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If you’re ever pulled over, there some things you can and should do in order to protect your rights. These are standard procedures all citizens should do if they’re ever pulled over, whether they did something wrong or not, and even if you intend to be fully respectable and compliant with the police.

● Know the officer’s name, badge number, and patrol car number
● Know the reason you are being pulled over
● Only present documents and information when you are asked – license and registration. Do not offer anything more
● If you are being arrested, decline to answer any questions. As read in the Miranda Rights, anything you say can and will be used against you in court
● The officers may not search your vehicle unless they have a warrant. Anything in plain sight is under their authority but anything they have to look around for is not.
● If you are arrested, know the charges made against you
● Take photos of any injuries and damages done to your body, vehicle, and property if applicable
● Get contact information from witnesses
● Take note of the time and location of where you are being pulled over

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