Do Not Get Behind The Wheel!

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Come New Years Eve and New Years Day, there will two things: 1) a lot of alcohol and 2) a lot of police. The alcohol provides the fun and the police provide the assurance of safety. In addition, for a number of people, they’ll play the role of “the party pooper.”

There are more arrests for DUIs and public intoxication on these days than other days of the year and this year will be no different. There will be more checkpoints too. But just the same, you can expect more cab, Uber, Lyft, Sidecar drivers and more busses running at later hours than normal.

So obviously, you should not get behind the wheel whatsoever if you are going to be drinking that night. Besides, who wants to be the designated driver anyway?

Penny Fianzas gets a lot of calls for bail bonds on these days and the few days after January 1. Most people calling us need to bail someone out for a DUI. We’ll well-staffed, equipped, and experienced to handle all requests quickly and efficiently but at the same time, it does pain us to see so many people make one irresponsible mistake that is costing them and loved ones more than a $10 cab ride.

Penny Fianzas is a 24/7 company so even if you need us in the middle of your New Years celebration, we’ll be there for you.

You can call us at 1-866-966-6656 or go to where you can CHAT WITH US NOW!