A Bail Bond: The Best Gift You Can Give This Holiday Season

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For kids, the best Christmas gifts are toys and clothes. For adults, the best gifts are simply spending time with family. There may be a literal price for this to happen (airline tickets, etc.), but in the end, it truly feels priceless.

Having to pay for a loved one’s bail bond is just the same. Even though it stems from a more tense situation, the resulting quality time is more cherished and you’ll feel like you never spent a dime. (We’d really like to say this type of thing stems from a “stressful” situation but let’s face it, everyone feels like their family stresses them out all the time, haha!)

Having monthly dues on a bail bond to a bail bond agency like Los Angeles Fianzas is much more affordable than having to bail the full bail amount to court. Monthly dues for a bail bond would sum up to only 10-15% of the full bail amount and even though this 10-15% is not refundable at the end of the process (if you bail 100% of the bail to court, that is refundable), it’s still a much more affordable, ideal, and used method.

If you need help getting a loved one of yours out of jail this holiday season, Los Angeles Fianzas can help you do that, fast. We love helping families reunite.

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