Small Healthy Choices that can Make a Big Differences

January is over, and so are most of our ambitions to carry out our New Year’s Resolutions. The first few days of the “New Year, New You” were great, but then reality kicked in. You realized that it is impractical to spend hours at the gym every day, and that no one really has the time to meal prep every single week. Now you’re starting to feel guilty because you haven’t even made it half a year.

Don’t stress, this happens to everyone. If you still have some motivation to make a change in your life, use that to make smaller alterations. Don’t give up on your dreams just yet. Hang on to your goals, there is still most of the year to achieve them.

Dreams and goals get set aside to focus on other parts of life. However, you shouldn’t give up on your goals completely. Making small changes that move you closer to your goals can be easier. It’s like taking baby steps before running. You gradually build up to the lifestyle or goals that you want. Let’s face it, you can’t do a complete and total lifestyle change within a few days.