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dog leach laws california

California’s Attitude Towards Leashes and Dogs

The issue of leashes is a sensitive subject for many dog owners. Some feel that if their dog is well trained, they shouldn’t be required to keep their dog on a leash.Read More…

can police search you car

Can a Police Officer Search Your Vehicle

One of the first things an officer often does when they pull you over for a traffic infraction is take a peek inside your car. In some cases, they’ll ask you toRead More…

child endangerment laws

When Shouldn’t You Leave Your Pet or Child in the Car?

With the weather heating up, we need to aware of our actions. Not staying hydrated, and staying in the sunlight too long can have serious repercussions. We have to be smart inRead More…

protetsing without getting arrested

Protest Without Spending a Night in Jail

When you stop and think about it, the United States is a country created by protesters. The pilgrims who settled on Plymouth Rock were protesting Henry the VIII’s creation of the ChurchRead More…

Are Drones Legal During Emergency Situations

Are Drones Legal During Emergency Situations

Over the past few years, the general population has become obsessed with drones. One of the best things about drones is the ability to use them to take pictures of things thatRead More…

service dog in a business

Does a Business Owner Have the Right to Deny a Dog Entrance?

As a business owner, you might think that you have the right to say whether dogs are allowed to enter, but the law often has a different opinion. This is something oneRead More…

palmdale bail bonds

Don’t Drown in Payments

Picture yourself at the beach, wading in the water. The ocean only reaches your ankles at this point, and you’re comfortable. The sun is the right temperature, and the water isn’t freezingRead More…

Mothers Day in Mexico

Mother’s Day in Mexico

Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday and this is due to the origins of this holiday being tied to Lent, a Christian tradition. The date of Easter influences when Lent andRead More…

Gifts Your Mom Will Appreciate

Gifts Your Mom Will Appreciate

Moms are special. Not just special in how they’re all unique, but special in how much they do for us. The amount of patience they have for our attitudes, problems, and mistakes,Read More…

We Care about Animals in California

We Care about Animals in California, and This New Law Proves It

We love cute, furry creatures. No one can resist the soft innocent, helpless puppies, bunnies, or kittens. Animals appeal to us because of how we can connect with them. It’s that connectionRead More…