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Did You Know Juvenile Records are Sealed when a Person Turns 18?

When your child turns 18, his or her juvenile criminal records will be sealed. So it may be that right now, you and your child are coping with their arrest and howRead More…


Hidden Fees = Worst Enemies

Hidden fees and small print can be your worst enemies, but it is really the fault of the person who signed the papers without reading the fine print first. It is somethingRead More…


What Are My Rights When Protesting?

America has seen days of protests since Donald Trump became the President Elect on November 9, 2016. Americans have the right to assemble and protest, but then why are some people gettingRead More…


Definition of a Co-Signer

The role of a co-signer is to provide their legal obligation to be financially responsible for another person’s dues if that person fails to make good on those dues. Having a co-signerRead More…


What It Takes to Be a Bail Bond Co-signer

Should you ever agree to co-sign someone’s bail bond, you must take your role very seriously. Being a bail bond co-signer, even for someone very close to you, puts you at riskRead More…


LAPD Está Poniendo Mano Duro Con los Drones

Operadores de Drones, Cuidado: la policía está poniendo mano dura y se están tomando en serio la interferencia que los drones tienen con la actividad de la policía y los bomberos. LaRead More…


Lo que la Televisión no le muestra sobre Pagos de Fianza

Todos sabemos que los programas de televisión y películas nos muestran “la verdad entera, y nada más que la verdad” Cuando se trata de Representar la vida real, y situaciones diarias. UnosRead More…