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Who Benefits from Bail Bonds?

Believe it or not, the defendant in jail is not the only person who benefits from posting bail with a bail bond. Immediate family – They get to have their loved oneRead More…


When Small Costs Make Big Differences

Compared to cash bail, bail bonds are a small cost. Bail bonds cost 10% of cash bail. So it may be a few hundred or a few thousand dollars that you wouldRead More…


What The 8th Amendment Means For Canoga Park Bail Bond Store

The 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution protects us from excessive bail (as well as excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishment). This amendment is an order towards the government toRead More…

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You Will Always Get Honest Answers from Our Bail Agents at Canoga Park Bail Bond Store

When someone you care about has been arrested, you will want to get him or her out of jail as quickly as you can. A lot of bail companies out there willRead More…

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Rescue Your Loved one from Jail With Professional Help from the Bail Agents At Bail Bond Store

There is not much worse than being a free person and then suddenly being placed behind bars. No one every wants to get arrested, and no one really wants to sit inRead More…

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Sorry, Bail Is Not Tax Deductible

If you’re wondering whether bail is tax-deductible, well, it’s not. Even though it is money that goes to the government, it is really a guarantee (like an incentive) to get the defendantRead More…

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Understanding The Statute Of Limitations

A statute of limitations refers to the time period in which a person can be charged with a crime they committed. This period of time may start either the moment the crimeRead More…


Nunca Crea Todo lo que Escuche de Fianzas Y Pagos De Fianzas

No espere tener que pagar para la fianza un día, así que en Canoga Park Bail Bond Store no esperamos que conozca los detalles sobre fianza y pagos de fianza. Pero ahoraRead More…