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Is There a Legal Obligation to Report a Crime as a Witness?

There was a recent incident involving rape, Facebook, and what did or did not happen after the fact. An adolescent Chicago girl was raped by 5 or 6 males and the incidentRead More…


Balboa Bail Bond Store is Committed to You

30 years ago, the founding family here at Balboa Bail Bond Store sat down and laid out a set of values, goals, and a mission. Today, we continue to believe in theseRead More…


The Benefits to Bail Bonds

People associate bail bonds with crime, dangerous people, and jail. All of which, are negative thoughts. At Balboa Bail Bond Store, we understand this. However, it is one of our goals toRead More…


Balboa Bail Bond Store – Always There

Not everyone is built the same and we know that some people have a harder time getting their life together than others. Some stay a troublemaker, while others mature and grow outRead More…


Benefits and Risks of Bail Bond Co-Signers

Dealing with an arrest is an incredibly stressful and tense time, not just for the individual, but for their loved ones as well. There will be some bickering, but there should beRead More…