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“I Told You So” and Bail Bonds

There are two types of people: those who hate confrontation, and those who do not mind speaking up. Confrontation is awkward and uncomfortable, but at times, can be completely necessary. Have youRead More…


In Case You Didn’t Know

In case you didn’t know, in California, the legal age to smoke is 21, not 18. This change happened a couple of months ago in an effort to prevent youths from smoking.Read More…


You Don’t Know Crazy Until…

If you think that your family and friends are a bunch of crazies, then you don’t really know crazy enough. Crazy is a bunch of people who act out too far forRead More…


Your Loved One May Not Be Thinking Straight, So You Need To

Was Your Loved One Arrested? Call Balboa Bail Bond Store immediately at 1-866-966-6656 , we are waiting to assist you. Even if your loved one is so befallen with guilt about theRead More…


Your Loved One Was Arrested? No Way!

Most people who are arrested once will realize their mistake and learn from it. They see that they are not above the law, they are not invincible or invisible with regards toRead More…


Need a Bail Bond? Do Not Panic, Call Arleta Bail Bond Store

When you learn that your loved one is in jail, do your best not to panic. Panicking, especially in front of them, is only going to make them more scared and worriedRead More…


Make Your Family Whole Again

Your child has been begging you to take them outside so they can catch Pokémon, but you just do not have the time to even though you really want to. Your partnerRead More…


Factors Determining Bail

California judges have what is called a bail schedule, which they follow whenever they are required to determine the amount of bail for a defendant. For the record, all states have aRead More…