Bail exists for a very important reason, do you know why?

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As you might already know, a person’s court trial likely will not start immediately after his or her arrest. Investigators take their time and work with the prosecution to gather evidence and build a case; likewise, the defendant takes this time to build a case for his or her own self. This time taken, is often weeks, months, or even a few years. During this time, it is not fair to keep the defendant locked away in jail. The defendant is allowed to leave jail and return home and go about as normal of a life as possible.

However, there are conditions. For one, the defendant must actually be allowed to leave jail, in a process called posting bail. In extreme circumstances, the judge will deny bail for a person, but in most, bail will be granted. The defendant will have to pay x amount of dollars to be released, or can hire a bail bondsman to assist with the process, and this would cost only 10% of the full bail amount.

Bail is a fair process because everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We uphold this belief here at Pomona Bail Bond Store and want to protect this. We can help you, help your loved one bail out of jail so he or she does not have to waste his or her days in jail.

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