Do you think there might be a warrant out for your arrest?

If so, call 866-966-6656 right now.


Did you know that you can find out if there is a warrant out for your arrest simply by getting in touch with Compton Bail Bond Store? Compton Bail Bond Store can do a legal, anonymous search in the databases for you.

Maybe you know you are a wanted person, maybe you do not. Maybe you just have a bunch of unpaid tickets and the police and DMV are finally fed up and want to bring you in. Either way, you can contact Compton Bail Bond Store, and we can check this out for you. We will just need your name, birthday, and the county where you think the warrant may be out of.

If there is no search warrant out there for you, that is great. However, if there is one, we can discuss your bail opportunities and options before turning yourself in to the authorities. If we know how much the bail will be, then we may be able to get most of the bail bond paperwork setup before you turn yourself in to the authorities. This can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend in jail.

Compton Bail Bond Store can be reached on the phone at 866-966-6656 or online. We will be there to help you out.