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Helping People Get out of Jail

When the average person is arrested, their priority is getting out of jail as quickly as possible. It isn’t until they start to talk to us about our no down payment, zero interest program of a bail bond that some people remember that their credit score isn’t good, and they begin to worry that the low credit score could cause us to deny them a bail bond.

If you don’t have a perfect credit score, here’s what we want you to know.

If you can make the full 10% fee that we charge and not use our payment plan, you won’t have to worry about your credit score. You’ve fulfilled your financial obligation to us. Now, as long as you obey every term of your bail, you can go home and prepare your defense.

If you don’t have enough to cover the 10% fee and need to make payments, we will take a look at your credit rating. Don’t assume that because your credit isn’t perfect that you won’t be approved. We are willing to work with you and use several things, including if you have a regular job and how frequently you can make payments, to decide if you qualify for our payment program.

Do not wait another second, call Penny Fianzas now at 661-878-9696.

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Free Consultation and Payment Plan Bail Bonds

Our outstanding payment plan is just one of the many reasons we’re one of California’s most successful bail bond agencies. We have been serving the state for several decades and hope to do so for several more. If you haven’t dealt with Antelope Valley Fianzas | Antelope Valley Bail Bonds before, here are some of the things you’re going to like!
Feel free to with any questions you have about Antelope Valley Fianzas | Antelope Valley Bail Bonds and/or the bail process. Consultations are free and informative! We’re available 24/7, and the call is always handled by a real person, not an automated system.

This is just a small sample of what makes us California’s best bail bonds agency. Some of the benefits we offer:

We’re ready and willing to post your bail. All you have to do is call Penny Fianzas now at 661-878-9696.