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Information About Release On “Own Recognizance”

It is possible for arrested individuals to be released from jail without having to cough up bail money. This is known as an “own recognizance” release. He or she will write and sign their promise to return to court when ordered to do so for all proceedings involving their case. There are often other terms and conditions set forward by the court for a person to be released on own recognizance. For instance, the arrested individual may not leave the city or town during their trial.

How does the court decide eligibility for release upon own recognizance?

  • The suspect’s criminal record.
  • The seriousness of the crime.
  • The suspect’s ties to the community.
  • Employment
  • The danger the suspect might pose to the community.

Failing to keep true to the written promise to appear in court results in the suspect’s immediate release. Moreover, they will not be eligible for bail.

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